Hi there, it would seem you have turned into one curious kitty and want to know more about how this blog works and who is behind the keyboard, well hey, my name is Mackayla or ‘Kayla’ and I run this beautiful fashion blog.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and fashion is something that’s been a part of my life for years, I grew up watching the style network with my mum, playing dress ups and watching the inspiring minds of Gok Wan and Trinny & Sussanah at work since the tender age of 9. I think this is the reason i’ve become so fond of the world of fashion and all the beauty and glamour that it boasts. Another interest of mine is fitness and for the past few months i’ve become ever more intrigued in the realm of clean eating and healthy living so you may happen to find some health and fitness related posts sprinkled here and there on the blog. Currently I am completing High School and a Hairdressing apprenticeship and previously I have undertaken courses in Business, Visual Merchandising, Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft and a short course in Personal Styling run by the one and only Wendy Mak.


I have many social profiles which you can follow to stay up to date with all things Purrfash. As I have a busy schedule I am unable to post every day but I do try my best to keep this blog active and interesting for all you lovely readers. If you would a certain product or topic looked into through a post feel free to comment and let me know, it makes things a lot easier for me knowing what you want to read! Anyway I think i’ll leave it at that for now, have a wonderful day/night lovely!



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