Goodbye Purrfash – Hello The Purrfect Life

Goodbye Purrfash - Hello The Purrfect Life

Hey there lovelies!

Well, the time has come.

After two years of Purrfash being hosted on WordPress the time has come for me to bid farewell and move to a new host (weebly) and in turn give my website a complete makeover.

If you’ve loved the posts here on Purrfash then you are guaranteed to ADORE the new articles being posted every second day on The Purrfect Life.

I suggest you go and sign up to the email list ‘Purrfect Emails’ which will pop up when you first visit the site… doing so will mean you get sent a weekly email with sneak peeks for whats to be posted in the coming week and also coupons to save you money at online stores like Beginning Boutique and The Iconic… how awesome is that?

In posting this i’d like to say a huge thank you to everything WordPress has brought me in the past two years the blog has been present on the site, you were my stomping ground and now it’s time for me to set up camp somewhere else.

Thanks again lovelies for supporting the blog by following and liking my posts over the years.



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